Ashfaq is the best player but i respect coach's decision  - Bassam
President of the Maldives football Association Bassam Adeel Jaleel. (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Ashfaq is the best player but i respect coach's decision - Bassam

Ahmed Tholib Mohamed 31 July 2018 - 21:33

Male’, MALDIVES - During an exclusive Interview with the president of the the Maldives Football Association Bassam Adeel Jaleel has said that Ali Ashfaq is the best player in the Maldives and it is unfortunate that the country's record goalscorer is not included in the squad. 

When questioned about National Team Coach Petar Segrt's decision to leave Ali Ashfaq out of the squad Bassam Said "When ever the SAFF Championship is there every Maldivian wants the National Team to win it but we only managed to win it once that was in 2008. it's ten years now since we won the championship and as for Ashfaq he is the best player in the history of Maldivian football we cant argue about that in this case it's the coach's decision to leave him out of the squad. I fully back the coach's decision but it's sad to see that Ashfaq is not with the team" said Bassam. 

Talking more about Ashfaq being left out of the squad Bassam said that we have to respect Segrt's decision to leave Ashfaq out of the squad and trust the team and back them. 

Bassam also added that he does not demand to win the SAFF championship this year but would rather be happy to see a stronger young side being developed that can qualify for the AFC Asian cup and win future SAFF championships and that immediate success is not necessary and that he would not pressure Segrt to do so. 

Ashfaq who has been on fine form had scored six goal in the AFC Cup with New Radiant and has already scored 25 goals in all competition mid way through the season. 

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