Blues terminates contract with Imran
Imran submited his case to FAM early this month (Photo: Imran Mohamed)

Blues terminates contract with Imran

Shimaaz Ali 17 October 2018 - 10:07

Male', MALDIVES - New Radiant Sports Club has decided to terminate the contract with their keeper Imran Mohamed saying that they didn't get his service for the club for a long period of time.

Speaking to, Imran said that he received a letter from the club saying that they have decided to terminate his contract.

"I was shocked to know that the club didn't get my service for 72 days. We got a two months break for the SAFF Suzuki Cup and they resumed the practice on 16th September. I have submitted a letter to the club on 19th September saying that I won't be able to attend the practices due to the unpaid salary. So, it should be 3 days that they didn't get my service." Imran said.

"The problem is that they didn't pay as per the contract. They proposed to give an advance payment and the remaining on three payments. I got the advance payment also less than they agreed and didn't get any from the remaining balance."

Imran also said that they officials from the club never speak the truth and they always keeps on telling lies.

"They didn't tell the truth and keeps on telling lies. His answer is always Insha Allah Sunday or Thursday but it never happens. I had much worse issues with other clubs but things didn't go like this."

A reliable source has confirmed to that the club's executive committee or disciplinary committee didn't made any decision regarding Imran Mohamed.

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