FAM announces squad for Imran's retirement match
Peter Schmeichel and Salgado will play for the FA XI team

FAM announces squad for Imran's retirement match

Shimaaz Ali 24 December 2018 - 10:56

Male', MALDIVES - Football Association of Maldives has announced the "FA XI" squad for Imran Mohamed's international retirement match with Manchester United's former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and Real Madrid's veteran defender Michel Salgado.

FA XI squad includes current national team players along with veteran players like; Ali Rasheed (Silachi), Yoosuf Azeem (Yootey), Ismail Anil, Ismail Asif (Kuda Heena), Mohamed Nazeeh, Anwar Abdul Ghani, Akram Abdul Ghani, Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain (Feydhoo Ibbe), Ibrahim Waheed Hassan (Ibbe), Asadhulla Abdulla, Mohamed Arif (Bakaa) and Ali Fasir.

FAM named Mohamed Nizam as the head coach of the team and Mohamed Hanim, who was the manager when Maldives won 2008 SAFF Championship as the the manager of the team.

The match is scheduled to play on 30th December at 2100 Hours at National Football Stadium.

Squad - FA XI

1.    Peter Schmeichel

2.    Michele Salgado

3.    Ali Rasheed (silachi)                

4.    Yoosuf Azeem (Yoottey)       

5.    Mohamed Nazim (Fanthoshi)               

6.    Ismail Anil (Anni)               

7.    Ismail Asif (Kuda Heena)           

8.    Mohamed Athif (Athy)           

9.    Abdulla Amir                    

10.    Mohamed Nazeeh                        

11.    Anwar Abdul Ghani               

12.    Ahmed Niyaz                   

13.    Mohamed Wildhan               

14.    Akram Abdul Ghani (Aku)           

15.    Ashad Ali (Adey)                

16.    Mohamed Shinan (Naani)                   

17.    Ahmed Abdulla (Lily)               

18.    Ali Fasir (Sentey)               

19.    Shafiu Ahmed                   

20.    Asadhulla Abdulla (Asako)                               

21.    Mohamed Arif (Bakaa)               

22.    Mohamed Rasheed (Hockey)           

23.    Ibrahim Waheed Hassan           

24.    Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain (Feydhoo Ibbe)   

25.    Ahmed Rizvan (Rizey)               

Coach:                 Mohamed Nizam

Manager:            Mohamed Hanim

Asst. Coach:      Ahmed Shakir (Shakittey)

Asst. Coach:      Mohamed Shazly

Asst. Coach:      Ali Nashid (Ogaru Ayya)

GK Trainer:        Ibrahim Saleem (Metaa)

Kit Man:             Ismail Naseer / Ahmed Shahid

Medic:               Thoriq Majeedh

Medic:               Abdul Hakeem

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