Imran announces his squad for the retirement match
Imran included the golden generation for the retirement match

Imran announces his squad for the retirement match

Shimaaz Ali 20 December 2018 - 11:19

Male', MALDIVES - Imran Mohamed, the best and the most decorated goalkeeper in the Maldives has announced the team list for his international retirement match with the players who have played with him during his long career.

The match is scheduled to play on 29th December 2018 and Imran has selected the the players like; Ahmed Shahid (Saabe), Mohamed Ibrahim (Kappi), Ahmed Saeed (Ammaty), Adam Abdul Latheef (Lahchchey), Abdulla Ibrahim (Binmaa), Ashraf Luthfy (Sampath), Abdulla Ibrahim (Ablhoa), Mausoom Abdul Ghafoor and Ali Shiyam.

Imran has also included Mohamed Sifan, Ali Ashfaq and Mohamed Umair in his team. They were in the national team with Imran when Maldives lifts SAFF Championship in 2008.

Imran named Bulgarian born Iordan Stoikov Ivanov as the head coach of his team. He was the one who gave Imran the chance to play for the national team in 2000. The other officials in the team are Ihusan Abdul Ghani, Mohamed Siyaz, Mohamed Iqbal, Ahmed Shakeeb, Abdulla Rafiu, Hussain Zinan, Hassan Nizar and Ahmed Shahir was the manager of the team.

Squad - Imma XI

1.    Imran Mohamed

2.    Aslam Abdul Raheem 

3.    Mohamed Jameel (Jambe) 

4.    Sobah Mohamed

 5.    Ali Umar 

6.    Ahmed Thariq (Tom) 

7.    Ali Ashfaq (Dhagey)

 8.    Mukhuthar Naseer (Two Kilo)

 9.    Ismail Mohamed (Isse) 

10.    Ahmed Saeed (Ammaty) 

11.    Mohamed Sifan (Kudattey) 

12.    Assad Abdul Ghani  

13.    Mohamed Umair (Umy) 

14.    Adam Abdul Latheef (Lachchey) 

15.    Shah Ismail (Saaya) 

16.    Mohamed Ibrahim (Kappi) 

17.    Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) 

18.    Abdulla Ibrahim (Huraa Abulhoa) 

19.    Ali Shiyam (Huraa Ayya) 

20.    Ashraf Luthfee (Sampath) 

21.    Mausoom Abdul Gafoor (Maasey) 

22.    Anwar Ali 

23.    Ahmed Shahid (Saabe) 

24.    Abdulla Waheed (Binmaa) 

25.    Shamveel Gasim (Bondaa) 

26.    Ibrahim Fazeel (Oppo) 

27.    Ali Shaheen (Ayya)

Coach:                    Iordan Stoikov Ivanov

Asst. Coach:         Ihusan Abdul GHani

Asst. Coach:         Mohamed Siyaz (Mohan)

GK Trainer:           Mohamed Iqbal

Manager:              Ahmed Shahir

Kit Man:                Hassan Nizar (Bodey)

Medic:                   Ahmed Shakeeb

Medic:                   Abdulla Rafiu

Fitness Coach:   Hussain Zinan

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