MOC president Shaweed appointed as senior VP of SWAFF
Executive committee members of SWAFF (Photo: SWAFF)

MOC president Shaweed appointed as senior VP of SWAFF

Shimaaz Ali 13 August 2018 - 10:19

Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA - Maldives Olympic Commitee President and former chairman of Football Association of Maldives normalization committee, Mohamed Shaweed has been appointed as the Senior Vice President of the South West Asian Football Federation (SWAFF).

Shaweed won the seat after contesting against the President of Pakistan Football Federation Mazkhoum Faisal. The first round of the election was a six vote tie and Shaweed won it in the second round with eight votes. Mazkhoum got four votes.

Adel Ezzat will be the president of SWAFF. The other two vice president's of SWAFF are The All India Football Federation (AIFF) Senior Vice President Subrata Dutta and   Abdullah Al Junaibi of the UAE Football Association.

SWAFF’s board members.

- President: Dr. Adel Ezzat, The Saudi Arabian Football Federation- Senior Vice President: Mr. Mohamed Shaweed, Football Association of the Maldives- Vice President (South): Mr. Subratta Dutta, All India Football Federation- Vice President (West): Mr. Abdullah Al Junaibi, UAE Football Association

Executive Board members:- Ms. Mahfuza Akhter (Bangladesh Football Federation)- Mr. Karma Tsering Sherpa (All Nepal Football Association)- Mr. Anura de Silva (Football Federation of Sri Lanka)- H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifah (Bahrain Football Association)- Mr Fahad Al Hamlan (Kuwait Football Association)

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Shaweed the only non representative from a football association gets elected. Shaweed must be a very influential person getting elected to this post. The joke is on FA Maldives and Bassam, wake up u guys, are u hiding behind Shaweeds back and letting him run the whole show. No wonder why FA Maldives is so lackluster.

Eleven - 13 Aug 2018
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