Maldives departs to Qatar for a training camp
Maldives national team players posing for a team photo (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Maldives departs to Qatar for a training camp

Shimaaz Ali 06 August 2018 - 10:13

Male', MALDIVES - Maldives national football team has departed to Qatar for a training camp in preparation for the upcoming SAFF Suzuki Cup.

National team coach, Petar Segrt started the preparation with a 30-man squad and omitted 3 players before heading to Qatar for the training camp. The three players omitted from the squad were Azzam Abdulla from TC Sports, Moosa Yamin from Maziya and Mifdhad Ahmed from Eagles.

Speaking to media Segrt said that we had enough talking during the few days and its time to focus on the players.

"The most important thing is that we try to play well and I think in the last weeks, we had enough talking and now its time to focus on the players and give the new generation a chance and we win 7-0 against Bhutan. I respect this and maybe we are young but we must prepare well and believe me, we will try our best for all of you." Segrt said

National Squad (Qatar training camp)

New Radiant - Mohamed Faisal (GK), Akram Abdul Ghanee, Mohamed Umair, Hamza Mohamed, Ali Fasir, Riham Abdul Ghanee.

Maziya - Hussain Shareef (GK), Mohamed Mujutaaz, Ali Samooh, Mohamed Irufaan, Asadulla Abdulla, Hassan Naaiz, Ahmed Imaaz.

Eagles - Hussain Shifau Yoosuf, Mohamed Naim, Ahmed Numaan, Mohamed Arif, Hassan Raif Ahmed.

TC - Ibrahim Hassan Waheed, Ibrahim Mahudhee Hassan, Mohamed Azzam, Mohamed Samir.

Victory SC - Hussain Nihaan.

United Victory - Hassan Tholaal (GK).

Green Streets - Abdulla Yameen, Mohamed Samdhooh.

SAFF Suzuki Cup is set to be held from the 4th till the 15th of September with Maldives seeded along with Sri Lanka and India.

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I thought we cut off ties with Qatar.. guess i was mistaken

vakafulhu - 06 Aug 2018
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