New Radiant is suspended unanonimously by ExCo
New Radiant players posing for a photo during Dhiraagu Dhivehi Premier League (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

New Radiant is suspended unanonimously by ExCo

MF News 26 January 2019 - 16:54

Male', MALDIVES - New Radiant Sports Club is suspended unanimously by the Executive Committee of Football Association of Maldives  (FAM) due to the unpaid wages of their players during the last season on Saturday.

In a press release from the governing body of Maldives football said that the decision was made by the Executive Committee.

"Since May last year, 10 players has filed cases against the club to claim MVR 3.8 Million. The Players Status Committee gave numerous chances to settle the unpaid wages. New Radiant said that they don't have any budget to settle the unpaid salaries and they violated the contract signed with the players and based on that; as per the clause 14 of FAM statutes, the Executive Committee has decided to suspend New Radiant and send the case to the disciplinary committee to study the case further." Said in the statement from FAM.

Since May 2018 New Radiant is having salary issues and ace striker Ali Ashfaq filed a case against the club to terminate his contract with New Radiant. Ashfaq agreed to play for New Radiant for MVR 3 Million for this year. And later on, their Afghanistan defender Amiri left the club with same reason.

Later on, goalkeeper Imran filed a case against New Radiant regarding his unpaid salary and few days later the club has terminated his contract with the club saying that they didn't get his service for the club for a long period of time.

Speaking to on October 17, 2018 Imran said that he received a letter from the club saying that they have decided to terminate his contract.

"I was shocked to know that the club didn't get my service for 72 days. We got a two months break for the SAFF Suzuki Cup and they resumed the practice on 16th September. I have submitted a letter to the club on 19th September saying that I won't be able to attend the practices due to the unpaid salary. So, it should be 3 days that they didn't get my service." Imran said.

"The problem is that they didn't pay as per the contract. They proposed to give an advance payment and the remaining on three payments. I got the advance payment also less than they agreed and didn't get any from the remaining balance."

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