SAFF Suzuki Cup Preview: Nepal vs Maldives
Maldives to face Nepal on Wednesday in the semi final of SAFF Suzuki Cup

SAFF Suzuki Cup Preview: Nepal vs Maldives

Shimaaz Ali 11 September 2018 - 22:00

Dhaka, BANGLADESH - Unlike other editions of SAFF Suzuki Cup, Maldives qualified to the semi final of the tournament after a coin toss when Both Maldives and Sri Lanka were tied in Group B in terms of points and goal difference.

Nepal have failed to beat the Maldives in six previous attempts in the history of this tournament losing four, drawing two and conceding in each of those six games.

Nepal vs Maldives

Venue: Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka

Capacity: 36,000 spectators

Kick-off: 16:00 (15:00 Hrs Maldives time)


Nepal is in a good shape after defeating the tournament hosts, Bangladesh by 2-0 and advance to the semi final as the winners of Group A. Nepal score seven goals and conceded just two goals in three games while the Maldives failed to score a single goal in two matches and conceded two goals against India.

Maldives coach Petar Segrt said that skipper Akram Abdul Ghani is having some injuries and that's he didn't present at the pre match press conference but we are unaware of the seriousness of his injury.


Maldives coach Peter Sergt said that Nepal is a very strong team and they have good players.

"Nepal is a very strong team with good players. Their characters are good. We respect them. We will try to win the match, may be in 90 minutes, 120 or on penalties."

On the other hand his counterpart, Maharjan confidently said that they will create history tomorrow.

"I am confident that boys will deliver more in the semifinal match. The team looks motivated. Even my substitute players are in good shape. I have so many options with the players that's why I am confident about making history tomorrow."

Nepal were beaten by Maldives in Nehru Cup 2011 but Gorkhalis defeated them in 2016 Bangabandhu gold cup and in 12th SA Games.



18 Sep 1984    Nepal 4-0 Maldives  South Asian Federation Games

30 Sep 1984    Nepal 4-0 Maldives  South Asian Federation Games

20 Oct 1989    Nepal 0-0 Maldives. South Asian Federation Games

24 Dec 1991    Maldives 1-0 Nepal. South Asian Federation Games

19 Dec 1995    Nepal 1-0 Maldives  International Friendly

20 Oct 1998    Maldives 0-0 Nepal  South Asian Nations Cup

27 Apr 1999    Maldives 3-2 Nepal. SAFF Championship

01 May 1999    Maldives 2-0 Nepal  SAFF Championship

02 Oct 1999    Nepal 2-1 Maldives  South Asian Federation Games

15 Jan 2003    Nepal 2-3 Maldives  SAFF Championship

05 Jun 2008    Maldives 4-1 Nepal  SAFF Championship

05 Dec 2009    Maldives 1-1 Nepal  SAFF Championship

02 Dec 2011    Maldives 1-1 Nepal  SAFF Championship

10 Mar 2012    Maldives 1-0 Nepal  AFC Challenge Cup

23 Aug 2012    Maldives 2-1 Nepal  International Friendly

Nepal and Maldives faced each other 15 times and Maldives are on the better side after winning seven times and lost to Nepal in four occasions.

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