Singapore defeat Maldives by 3-2
Umair scored the first goal for the Maldives (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Singapore defeat Maldives by 3-2

Shimaaz Ali 23 March 2018 - 21:48

Singapore - The Singapore national football team earned their first win in 15 matches after they defeated Maldives 3-2 in a friendly match at the National Stadium on Friday. The victory was also their first in 16 months.

Captain hariss Harun opened the scoring in the 38th minute, but Maldives experienced midfielder Mohamed Umair leveled the game just minutes later.

Shahdan Sulaiman took the lead for the home side in the 66th minute and six minutes later Shakir Hamzah changed the score to 3-1.

Ibrahim Mahudhee scored the second goal for the visitors with eight minutes left on the clock.

Singapore have played more than 21 hours of football without a win. Their last victory came in November 2016 with a 1-0 win over Cambodia.

They went through 2017 without a win, which saw them tumble down to 171 in the FIFA rankings. Maldives, ranked 150th in the world lave lost all six previous meetings with Singapore.

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