We didn't sign to oust current FAM Management - Eagles
Club Eagles players posing for a photo during a Dhivehi League match last year (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

We didn't sign to oust current FAM Management - Eagles

Shimaaz Ali 27 January 2019 - 10:21

Male', MALDIVES - Club Eagles has said that they did not sign anything to oust the elected Executive Committee of the Football Association of Maldives (FAM).

"Club Eagles has not signed and will not entertain any act outside the legal boundaries to oust a legally elected Executive Committee." In a statement released by the club said.

Eagles said this when New Radiant released a statement last night saying that almost all the first division clubs other just one club signed a no confidence motion against the current management of FAM. New Radiant Sports Club is suspended unanimously by the Executive Committee of Football Association of Maldives  (FAM) due to the unpaid wages of their players during the last season.

Eagles also reiterated that they see no use in hindering the existing work carried out by FAM and the accusations are personal.

"Furthermore we would like to highlight the fact that while an Annual General Meeting of FAM has been scheduled for March 2019 and Football Association Maldives elections scheduled for the upcoming year, we see no use in hindering the all ready existing work that's been carried out by FAM and we find these accusations and acts not only unnecessary but personal." "We as a club will fight for what's right within the statutes and regulations and will not support or take part in any work that's not within these limits."

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