We have everything in our hand says Petar
Maldives national team coach Petar Segrt (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

We have everything in our hand says Petar

Shimaaz Ali 08 September 2018 - 09:51

Dhaka, BANGLADESH - Maldives national team coach Petar Segrt has said thatthey have everything in their hand to qualify for the semi final of SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018.

"We played good football specially in the first half and it was a good game for both teams. Still we have everything in our hand and one win against India and we will be in the semi final."

"India is a very good team and the only thing is to prepare the team against India. My goal against India is to win or draw and confirmed a place in the semi final. But i don't like goalless draws." Said Petar.

He also reiterated that it was an unlucky day for both teams after missing good goals scoring opportunities.

"We cannot say that is lucky for us, we created first three or four chances and when we have these kind of chances unfinished we can't say we are lucky or they are lucky. But it was a very good game. Luck was the only thing that both teams missed."

"Sri lanka changed 3 or 4 players changed from the first eleven because they calculated that they can get a good result against us. Sri Lanka was very good and they created very good chances."

Meanwhile Sri Lanka coach Pakir Ali said that he is happy with his team's performance.

"I'm very happy that my team played very well. For a very long time, we've been losing to the Maldives but it was a great match. Unfortunately, we missed some chances. The credit should also go to the Maldives defender and goalkeeper, they defended very well. Winning or losing or drawing is part of the game," said head coach of Sri Lanka, Nizam Packeer Ali.

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