Zefrol wins second division
Zefrol lifts the trophy of second division (Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Zefrol wins second division

Shimaaz Ali 15 May 2017 - 11:44

Male', MALDIVES - Zefrol won the second division after a 4-1 win against Kuda Henveiru United last night. Kuda Henveiru advanced to the final of the tournament with an unbeaten record.

Zefrol started the match well against Kuda Henveiru United aiming not to taste a back to back defeat in the final of the second division. They lost to Club Green Streets last year.

Hussain Rifaau broke the deadlock before the break and Abu Desmond Mansaray doubled the lead six minutes after the break. And three minutes later Shathir changed the score to 3-0.

Kuda Henveiru scored their only goal in the 88th minute by Ibrahim Yameen and Abdul Gadhir changed the score to 4-1 in the last minute of the normal time.

Ali Hafiz from Kuda Henveiru United won the best player of the tournament and Ahmed Athif from Zefrol was awarded as the best goalkeeper.

Top two teams from the second division will have to play in the first division qualification from this year as per the new rule by the governing body of Maldives football. The other four teams competing in the qualification includes bottom four teams from STO Male League.

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